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Video material on Threshold Concepts

As many of you will know, I don't believe in most of the "learning styles" hogwash out there, but that does not mean that I don't believe in presenting ideas in a variety of different formats to address the preferences of different readers. And when the presentation has to be done without benefit of feedback from learners, it make sense to come at it from a number of different directions.

The following video is an edited version of a presentation to a Year 2 group at the University;

Part 1

There's a RealPlayer version of Part 1 available here

Part 2

There's a RealPlayer version of Part 2 available here

Part 3

There's a RealPlayer version of Part 3 available here

Part 4

There's a RealPlayer version of Part 4 available here

The slides used in the presentation can be found here

The first symposium on threshold concepts and troublesome knowledge was held in Glasgow, 30 August - 1 September 2006. The following are videos of four of the major papers. They do of course assume more background knowledge than the others posted here. The page link is to but I am providing these links individually precisely because it is a news page, and may therefore change.

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Original material James Atherton: last up-dated 9 January 2008

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